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Heated car seats: the time is now

The Chinese are always first with new fangled thinking and cutting edge technology aren’t they? Bear with; we’ll get to the heated car seats soon. Just think back to the 11th century BC when they invented underfloor heating! That’s right, it wasn’t the Romans! They didn’t come up with the Hypercaust heating system until 500BC. […]

Heated Seats upgrade special offer

While the weather might still be (almost) warm we know it’s only a matter of weeks before we’ll be experiencing much colder weather.  No matter how efficient your vehicle’s heating system is it can’t heat the seats, and it’s the seats we’re all most in contact with when driving! Now is the time to upgrade […]

Vehicle cleaning and maintenance: Why choose leather seats?

From marks and blemishes caused by everyday use, to larger spillages and messes creating nightmarish stains, it’s a hard task to achieve that ‘new car’ feel when it comes to cleaning cloth seats. Very rarely do you ever find spotless cloth in a used car – from eating and drinking, to taking the dog out, […]