COVID-19 Protection for Taxis, Dealerships, Funeral Directors & more

We are pleased to be offering an innovative protective screen that will fit any vehicle. The ‘PRO SEPARATOR’ is a cost-effective and easily installed solution for providing a screen between drivers and passengers.

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PRO SEPARATOR COVID-19 screen product details

This product was designed with taxi drivers in mind, but will also be useful to motor dealerships who wish to offer test drives during this difficult time.

This COVID-19 personal protection is fitted via your vehicle headrests in minutes, for an example of the fitting process please watch the video above.

The PRO SEPARATOR protects the spread of Covid-19 in the vehicle cabin:

  • passenger and driver safe
  • easy to install
  • easy to remove
  • crash or accident safe

PRO SEPARATOR product details:

  • Soft Fabric for better isolation of the rear cabin part
  • Rubber bands on lower parts for easy fixation under the seats
  • Durable aluminium base
  • 0.7mm thick durable Acrylic

PRO SEPARATOR COVID-19 screen benefits:

  • Airbags work properly
  • Easy installation by either yourself or us in a few minutes
  • All seat functions work as normal
  • Low cost
  • Light weight
  • Clear visibility for driver and passengers
  • Automotive approved materials
  • Easy to clean and can be disinfected with alcohol and heavy detergents
  • Special holder attached for hand sanitizer
  • PVC protection for the lower back side of the seats
  • In line with ECE21 Vehicle Interior Parts Norm
PRO SEPARATOR COVID-19 screen gallery