The Chinese are always first with new fangled thinking and cutting edge technology aren’t they? Bear with; we’ll get to the heated car seats soon. Just think back to the 11th century BC when they invented underfloor heating! That’s right, it wasn’t the Romans! They didn’t come up with the Hypercaust heating system until 500BC. Amateurs! The truth is that underfloor heating can be traced back to ancient China where the word ‘kang’, originally meaning ‘to dry’, later became used to describe a heated bed. From that moment on, evidence of ‘baked floors’ can be found popping up all over Asia during the following centuries, finally making its way into Europe about 2000 years ago.

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Frosty morning photo
When the mornings start to look like this the time has definitely come to upgrade to heated car seats!

Even at this early stage in history, people realised how important it was, not only to keep warm, but to ensure that the warmth came from below. It was obvious to these people that while they stood in front of the fire, warming their hands, their backs were getting more and more frozen by the unforgiving cold. The importance of heat generated from underneath was paramount.

Had the automobile been invented in 11th CenturyBC we have no doubt that they would have definitely manufactured every single car with heated seats!

A bold statement, you’ll agree but, nonetheless, it’s a simple fact that a heated car seat can warm your body quicker and more effectively than turning your car’s air conditioning on full blast – especially as that normally has to warm up first before it can warm you up! And when you consider that a large part of our bodies are in constant contact with the seat while sitting in a car, if that seat is freezing cold, then it stands to reason it’s going to make us feel the chill even more.

Your car might be frosty, but your bottom doesn’t need to be!

Featured comforts
So heated seats are a comfort thing? Why not? We all deserve some luxury in our lives, but, upgrading to a heated car seat can bring so many other benefits too! They are healthier. That’s right. Regular use of a heated car seat can provide relief from sore muscles as well as back pain and swollen joints.

Upgrading to heated car seats will also increase the resale value of your vehicle. Not that you’re going to want to sell it now you’ve made it so perfectly cosy. And if you choose to upgrade with leather, there are a whole host of even more benefits.

Choosing to upgrade with leather upholstery will also make the seats easier to clean and they won’t absorb liquid, which will ultimately prolong the life of your interior. Installing leather seats can even be beneficial to allergy sufferers and lets not forget that they make the car smell wonderful and luxurious too.

Why now?
But you’ll only use heated car seats in the depths of winter or if you happen to discover a time portal and travel back to 11th Century BC China, right? Not so. The UK weather is an unpredictable anomaly. The summers can be just as cold, wet, dreary and damp as any day in December, so there’s always a right time to upgrade to heated car seats and that right time is now. Don’t leave it until you have spent weeks freezing your particulars off in the dark winter mornings. Equally don’t get caught out with complacency about having time to upgrade during the rest of the year. The time to upgrade is today.

Help is at hand
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