Heated Seats – why do we love them?

frosty windscreens and heated seats

Brrr, it’s cold in the mornings again!

Every year as Autumn arrives we all know what’s coming next.  The cold mornings!  Every morning when we wake up we take a tentative look out of the window, when will we get the first frost?  Here are Duncan Smith Automotive we love Autumn.  We love the clear blue skies, the colour-changing foliage and almost everything else associated with the season.  

Almost everything.  We do not like the cold!  However much we’re looking forward to getting to the office for a day’s work we slightly dread the journey on cold mornings.  After getting ready for the day in a nice warm house, and looking forward to reaching a nice warm office we still have to face the coldest part of the day.  The drive to work!

However effective the heating system in your car is, we all tend to direct the heat towards the windscreen so we can see where we’re going!  That’s fair enough, and important.  But while we’re blasting clear the windscreen the heat is being directed away from us.  Our windscreen might be warming up, but were not!  

Even if your windscreen doesn’t need defrosting on a cold morning it can take a long time to warm up using the heating fans alone.  For example, if your journey is about half an hour you might find that you only actually nicely warm up just before reaching your destination!

Heated Seats are the answer!

So what’s the answer?  How can we feel warm and cosy, almost as soon as we start our journeys on cold mornings?  Heated Seats!  That’s the answer!

Even although many luxury features come fitted as standard, not many of them are terribly useful in freezing cold weather.  But this is where we can help.  For a minimal investment we can upgrade the seats in your vehicle to gorgeous, cosy, comfy, lovely heated seats.  No more cold bottoms on the way to work!

Heated Seats are a wonderful way to get warm and stay warm in your vehicle.  They get up to temperate really quickly, and make a huge positive difference to how we feel when we get to our destination.  Unlike the flat, almost board-like car seats of yesteryear modern car seats are incredibly comfortable, and sort of wrap around us when we sit in them.  Which is why they are so wonderful when you can flick a little switch to make them heat up.  It’s like a cosy cuddle on the way to work!

cold car

The outside of your car might be freezing, but you could still be lovely and warm in your seat!

Heated Seats – a cost effective upgrade to your vehicle.

Heated Seat upgrades don’t only make your winter journeys more comfortable.  Heated Seat upgrades also increase the value and desirability of your vehicle.  Our heated seat upgrades are also popular with traders and taxi drivers.  Customers like cosy seats!

Our current price for heated seat upgrades is just £425 (ex-VAT).  This price reduces to an incredibly affordable £325 (ex-VAT) if we add the heated seat upgrade while upgrading to  leather seats and interior.  What’s more impressive is that these prices include fitting!  We can install your heated seat upgrades either at your location, or here at our workshop.

Give us a call on 01449 674180 or use the contact form below to find out just how simple and cost-effective it can be to add heated seats to your vehicle.  We offer a hassle-free service on everything we do, and our standards of workmanship are exceptionally high.

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