Heated Seats mean warmer journeys for everyone!
Adding after-market heating to your car seats is a cost effective way of avoiding the unpleasant chill of cold mornings.  What a lovely way to start your journey to work!

Heated seats increase the value of vehicles for motor traders
Upgrading the seats of the cars in your inventory will increase resale value, make the cars more desirable to customers and increase your profit margin.

Heated seats are great for both cloth and leather seats
When new stock arrives dealers’ forecourts they upgrade to heated seats (along with upgrading from cloth to leather seats) as an easiest and fast way to maximise the profit they can make on any vehicle sale.

Upgrading to heated seats boosts taxi fares
Adding heats to premium taxi cabs or private hire car greatly increases the comfort of paying passengers.  The next time your customer looks out of the window at foul weather, or arrives at an ice-blown train station which taxi will they choose?  The nice warm, cosy, snug taxi with gorgeous warm seats, or the taxi with ‘standard’ seat?  Having heated seats puts your private hire service a class above your competitors.

Upgrading any vehicle to heated seats takes just one day, call us on 01449 674180 or fill in the contact form below to find out more:

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