The argument for upgrading the cloth interior of your vehicle to leather is a convincing one, here we look at some of the like for like reasons to make the modest investment.

Easy to cleanStains easily
Hard wearingDamages easily
Beneficial to allergy sufferersHarbours dust and irritants
Smells wonderfulSmells of a collection of whatever strong odours is has been exposed to
Makes your car stand out from the crowdIs standard in most cars
Increases resale valueIf shabby or tired looking will decrease resale value
Does not absorb liquidsAbsorbs liquid like a sponge
Luxuriously comfortableReasonably comfortable
Prolongs life of seats in high mileage vehicles like fleet cars and taxisShows wear in high mileage vehicles
Makes your vehicle more 'pet resistant'Can snag on pet's claws, traps loose hairs and fur, absorbs your pet's odours