Leather trim – why it makes sense for private car owners to upgrade their vehicles.
As many of you may already be aware we can re trim your vehicle as soon after purchase as required for many reasons, we have listed a few:

  • Upgrading from cloth to leather trim instantly increases the value of your investment
  • Leather seats last longer, and so are perfect for private hire vehicles like taxis
  • Leather interiors do not harbour dust unlike cloth seats, this may help allergy sufferers
  • Leather Seats are easy to clean if spillages or marks occur from young passengers!
  • Choose any colour combination you want, make your car as individual as you are
  • Choose any pattern you fancy, the options are almost endless
  • We can embroider or emboss many options on to your leather headrests or seat backs, names and logos are most popular

Get in touch to find out just how cost-effective upgrading to leather trim can be…