From marks and blemishes caused by everyday use, to larger spillages and messes creating nightmarish stains, it’s a hard task to achieve that ‘new car’ feel when it comes to cleaning cloth seats. Very rarely do you ever find spotless cloth in a used car – from eating and drinking, to taking the dog out, or even just having children as passengers, everything has an impact.

leather seats

Leather seats are much easier to keep clean and tidy than cloth seats

However, it’s not just the obvious activities that you’ll have to watch out for. You might even find that, on a rainy day, as you open your car door, water droplets land on your seats and create watermarks. ‘But, it’s just water. It’ll come off with a quick wipe,’ you think. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that. Rainwater contains debris and chemicals from the atmosphere and environment, which can make stains harder to shift. Not only that, but in most cases you’ll have to clean the entire seat rather than one small area, which will eat into your valuable time.

customised leather car seats

Upgrading to leather seats also gives you a unique opportunity to customise your seats

Leather seats are far easier to clean and maintain than cloth seats, making them a time and cost-effective alternative for your car. Crumbs, dried mud and pet hair can all be easily swept off leather seats and vacuumed up, whilst liquid spillages and pesky rainwater droplets can be soaked up and erased with the swipe of a cloth.

It’s even better from a professional point of view. If you operate a taxi service, you’ll have different people in and out of your taxi all day. With leather seats, you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t have to spend your evening putting elbow grease into tough stains – a quick hoover and wipe down will do the job.

We recommend wiping leather seats down regularly with a quality leather cleaner. If this is not available, then a very mild detergent will do. It’s important to note that, on any material – not just leather – strong detergents and chemicals can cause colour to fade. A leather cleaner is designed to cleanse the material without affecting dyes, so is essential for the maintenance of your leather interior.

We also recommend feeding your leather once per year. This keeps it clean and soft, and therefore more comfortable for you and your passengers. A leather cleaning kit is sometimes supplied by dealers with new car purchases, or you can find these at your nearest auto centre or garage for a very reasonable price. Your kit may include a balm and detergent as well as applicators, which are ideal for the regular maintenance of your seats. Keep the kit in a handy place and put a marker in your calendar to remind you to carry out your annual feed, and you’ll save yourself time and money which may have been spent taking the car to an expensive valet company.

leather seat upgrades

Upgrading to leather seats increases not only the comfort of your vehicle, but also the value